Regular Business Meetings  Held the third Tuesday of January, March, May, October and December at the Village Inn, 6:30 pm.

Bulletin Service  Mailed to each member and contains information regarding projects on display, current activities and developments relating to the construction industry.

Labour Relations

Plans on Display  Current projects out for tender are available for use of  the trades in the Plan Room. Tables are provided for the members convenience.    

Bid Depository  Available for use.

Membership Directory and Buyers Guide  Classified listings of services, products, and trade classifications mailed to members, architects, engineers and purchasing agents.

Wage Rate Information  Wage rates, local, Ontario and Canada – all trades.

Liason with other Associations  The Canadian Construction Association; The Council of Ontario Construction Associations etc.                                                     

Meeting Room  Available for use by members and committees.

Social Gatherings  Golf Tournament, Safety Banquet, Xmas Party, etc.

Repoductive Service  Blueprint photocopy services available at Association Office.  (Specifications not included)

Oaths and Affidavits   Auhorized to administer Oaths and Affidavits on documents connected with the business of any member of the Association.